This is a live demo! Any information you input into this system will be publicly available to anyone else until the demo is reset hourly.


This is an influencer marketing agency demo to demonstrate the Parthenon system.


Buisness Model

This application is designed to deal with the domain of an Influencer Marketing Agency.


A brand is a company that wants to market a product. A brand can have more than one user linked to its brand to allow the company to easily share responsibility of managing the campaigns.

What happens is a Brand signs ups via a funnel, during the funnel they provide their user information, then provide information about a campaign, then the user is created and they are signed in. If the user doesn't finish the funnel the lead information can be found within the back-office.

The brand can then create campaigns and accept influencers to their campaign. They can also search for influencers and invite them to apply for their campaign.

A brand can view its invoices.


An influencer is someone who has a social media account that has a lot of followers/subscribers.

An influencer signs up by providing their name, email, and accounts. An influencer can have many influencer profiles and also be an influencer management agency.

An influencer can then apply to campaigns, provide an URL for the post they've made for the campaign, and upload a screenshot to provide proof for engagement stats.

An influencer receives a payout minus VAT unless they have a VAT number. They can download these via the portal.


An employee is someone who works for the marketing agency and has access to the back office.

An employee can update the costs for a campaign, the costs for a specific post. Generate invoices and payouts. As well as create campaigns and applications on the behalf of brands and influencers..